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Daylite requires macOS 10.15.4 and iOS 13.4 or newer.

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Keeping track of the status of where each project can feel chaotic when you’re using spreadsheets, email, status update meetings, and Slack. Daylite gives you an overview of what’s been done on each project and what needs to be done next so you and your team stay on track.

Always Know Where Projects Stand

Automate next steps

Save time and make sure steps don’t get missed. With Daylite you can create project templates to automate creating project checklists and next steps.

Want to know what tasks are due this week? Or which tasks your team member finished today? With Daylite you can filter tasks and projects to report on what matters to you most.

Report on projects

Track milestones

Want to visually see on your calendar when project and task due dates are coming up? With Daylite’s shared calendar you can view projects and easily schedule team meetings.

“Daylite took us from being able to manage 50 projects to 250 projects with a similar staff size.”

– Jeremy Picker, CEO of AMB3R Creative

Daylite works seamlessly with many of the built-in Apple apps and features you already use and love!

Made for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Apple Mail Integration

Save emails to projects and clients in Daylite have a full history of communication in one place. Plus you can create tasks in Daylite right in Apple Mail.

Share your Apple Calendar and Daylite to view iCal appointments in Daylite and vice versa.

Apple Calendar

Siri on iPhone & iPad

Use Siri to add tasks and reminders in Daylite hands-free.

Trusted by Thousands of Businesses in 80+ Countries

With multiple clients projects to juggle, it’s easy for details to get lost or missed. Daylite keeps you on the ball by organizing all the client communication and details in one place. View a history of emails, call notes, meeting notes, documents, and more so nothing slips through the cracks.

Control permissions

Have confidential client info? Daylite gives you control over who can view, edit, and add information.

Say goodbye to chasing down people to find out if they’ve completed tasks. Simply delegate a task in Daylite and get notified as soon as it’s done.

Delegate tasks

Work happier

With everything organized and streamlined in Daylite, your team can spend more time focusing on their work.

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