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Most advanced Customer relations management tool

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Daylite has become my light in the darkness as it has open new ways for me to get rid of my excessive workload and it is helping me a lot in organizing the daily tasks. through this platform I carry out my work with much ease and it has influenced my sales and marketing department the most. Now it is very convenient for me to handle any project and to have a debate in it with my team...


General Accounting Head - GCC. & Regional Expert IMEA at Henkel

Aliya W.

Best in class CRM for the Mac


It just works brilliantly, managing all my customer contact communications - emails, phone calls and SMS - seamlessly without having to remember to do so. It just works! You can manage so much via the interface in Mail, and the app itself keeps all documents, emails, tasks, notes etc in an easy to navigate format. The reporting engine is really cool too, allowing you to build complex reports...

Dave B.

Director at The Community Shares Company

The key factor is that it is not web based! Data sync between my Mac and iPhone/iPad via Daylite Cloud seamlessly but the database reside on my device. The interface is robust and intuitive, no waste of time, I can link anything to everything with a simple click. I have been using Daylite since 2009 or so. The development is constant and goes in the right direction...

Best CRM for Mac and Apple devices


Thierry S. H.

Business Aviation Consultant / Entrepreneur

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Made for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Love Apple products? So do we! We made Daylite specially for the Mac, iPhone and iPad. So you can leverage features like:

Caller ID

Siri on iPhone & iPad

Notification Center on iPhone & iPad

Multitasking on iPad

And work with:

Apple Calendar on Mac, iPhone & iPad

Apple Mail on Mac

Apple Contacts on Mac, iPhone & iPad