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With Daylite, you and your team can organize every client, deal, and project – all in one place. Build stronger client relationships and get more done while working remotely.

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Daylite is easier to use, much faster to setup, and more likely to be recommended than other CRMs!

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“Managing multiple projects and clients used to revolve around my inbox and spreadsheets with my brain being the glue trying to keep it all together and it was stressing me out. I struggled this way for years until I switched to Daylite. Now I have stress-free productivity.”

Jamie Lingwood, wordsmith.nl

95% of customers improved organization and productivity!

Struggling to stay on top of follow-ups and projects by relying on Apple Contacts, Calendar, spreadsheets, and your memory? Daylite is a Mac CRM that helps you track leads, clients, and projects all in one place. It's not for large enterprises or Windows users, but if you're a boutique firm of 1-50 people that use Macs, iPhones and iPads, Daylite could be the right CRM for you!

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Get all the features you’d expect in a small business CRM

Apple Mail Integration
Apple Calendar & Contact Sharing
Project Management
Custom Checklists & Follow-up Schedules
Offline Access - Work without Wi-Fi!

Trusted by over 6000 small businesses.

Contact Management
Interaction Tracking
List Segmentation
Email Templates
Task Management
Lead Management
Custom Sales Pipelines